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Hello, in today’s article we will talk about effective communication. First of all, let’s start with what is communication.

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What is Communication?

Communication is an important element in every aspect of our lives and provides sociality. In short, communication is to exchange our feelings and thoughts with certain means. That’s why communication is as important to us humans as air and water. Mankind has found various ways to interact with each other since its existence. Communication has developed from the past to the present and has continued its existence since the existence of man. Early humans used fire with body and arm movements for communication. Also, drawing pictures and designing various ornaments for caves were other means of communication. As we move towards modern times, human communication has developed with the advancement of technology. With the emergence of the mail, technological elements such as letters, telegrams, newspapers, radio and television have become parts of communication.

What is Effective Communication?

Effective communication conveys the message we want to give to the other party clearly and accurately. There are certain differences between a student’s dialogue with his teacher and a worker’s dialogue with his boss. However, both the student and the worker want to convey the message they want to convey effectively. According to research, the clear and correct message will increase the success of the person in life. That’s why everyone needs to learn effective ways of communication. Especially in the modern world, the concept of effective communication is becoming popular due to the development of technology and intense work tempo. Therefore, effective communication emerges as a necessity. Because the use of incorrect and unclear expressions in the message delivery situation will affect the communication negatively, and as a result, the person in front of us will either misunderstand or evaluate us incorrectly.


For Effective Communication…

To communicate effectively, we must first learn to respect. That’s why we need to make the other person feel valuable. At the same time, we must show that we care about the thoughts and feelings of the other person. To be successful in communication, we must show that we are good listeners. Because by learning the thoughts of the other person, we can give more effective messages to that person. Naturalness is very important in communication. That’s why we should avoid exaggeration. The messages we give to the other side should be natural. Studies have shown that people with strong empathy skills are more successful in communication than others. When we empathize and put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, we can better weigh the feelings and thoughts of that person. That’s why we pay more attention to the sentences we choose when we send a message to that person. In this case, it will increase the quality of the message we will give. Another requirement of effective communication is knowing what to say and when. Likewise, we should use simple and plain language when describing an event. Fluent language and establishing eye contact will increase our success in communication.

Benefits of Effective Communication

Effective communication provides some advantages in both daily and business life. Because giving the messages we want to give in every area of ​​our lives fluently and accurately will bring us some gains. Effective communication will first of all enable us to establish healthier relations with our social environment. A student who knows effective communication ways will be successful in his lessons and will be more comfortable while telling his teachers about his problems. Likewise, the person who can express himself better in a job interview may get his dream job. It should not be forgotten that people who communicate effectively especially in interviews are one step ahead in recruitment. Likewise, a correct communication will also benefit us in business life. Thanks to effective communication, we will be more productive in teamwork. We need effective communication in order to make correct and appropriate decisions. In this case, it will give us success in the subjects we want. In short, effective communication is a necessary element for us in all areas of life.

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