Celta and Delta programs are competency programs for English teachers. These programs, also known as ‘Teacher Training’, can be taken abroad for a certain period of time. The duration may vary depending on the institution of education. The most popular country in this program is Ireland, whose mother tongue is English. There are no department requirements to attend these courses. But those who study English Language and Literature and English Language Teaching are even luckier. Because the programs in these courses are similar to the programs of the departments above. Anyone over the age of 20 can participate in these programs. However, your English education level must comply with the specified criteria. A minimum of C1 level or 7.00 in IELTS is required.


These courses are divided into three as assignments, theory and assessment. These intensive programs require a good concentration. Do not forget that you will receive strict theoretical training apart from homework and projects. At the end of the course, you are required to lecture the students. Your teachers will listen to these lessons.


The biggest advantage of getting a certificate in Celta and Delta courses is that you have the chance to become a teacher abroad. This is a great opportunity for your career. Do not forget that you will be one step ahead of other teachers with your certificate in Turkey. The course will also give you the chance to practice with native English speakers.

CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Adults Speakers of Other Languages)

CELTA is a qualification program for teachers who will teach English to adults. This program is for teachers whose native language is not English. Those who do not have experience in teaching can benefit from this program. Teachers who receive this Cambridge University-approved certificate can reach the capacity to teach all over the world. In Ireland, International House Dublin is the longest standing CELTA centre. Located in Dublin, this center offers part-time and full-time classes since 2006. Taking a CELTA course at International House Dublin offers great opportunities for successful trainees worldwide. Because this center has a very experienced teaching staff.

DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Adults Speakers of Other Languages)

Delta programı ise öğretmenlikte hali hazırda çalışmakta olan ve 2 yıllık tecrübeye sahip olan İngilizce öğretmenleri için düzenlenmektedir.  Daha önceden CELTA almış öğretmenler DELTA sertifikası da alabilmektedir.  Verilecek olan sertifika için 21 yaş üstü şartı aranmaktadır.  DELTA sertifikası içinde 2-3 aylık yoğun bir programdan geçmek gerekmektedir. Yine sertifika Cambridge Üniversitesi onaylıdır. İrlanda’da ise International House Dublin DELTA sınav merkezidir.  Burada sınava yazılı veya online olarak girebileceğinizi seçebilmektesiniz.  Size en uygun tarihi seçerek bu merkezde sınava girebilirsiniz.

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