Depression, What is Depression? Depression Treatment

Hello, in today’s article we will talk about depression. “What is depression?” and “how is it treated?” We will look into the answers to questions such as:


What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a person to experience constant sadness and loss of interest. Depression is also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression.

The feelings, thoughts and emotions of people suffering from depression are affected by this condition. They are constantly in a state of depression, so emotional and physical disorders may occur. They may even see life as not worth living.

Depression cannot be expressed as a simple malaise. For this reason, although the treatment varies from person to person, it can take a long time. Doctors may also suggest the use of medication when necessary.


Depression treatment is a treatment plan designed to eliminate the negative effects that affect the mood of the person. Psychotherapy, drugs and brain stimulation techniques are used in the treatment. With an effective treatment, partial recovery can be achieved within weeks. Complete recovery occurs within 2-4 months. In mild depression, psychotherapy alone may be sufficient. A patient with moderate severity can be treated with both psychotherapy and medication. If the desired improvement cannot be achieved, Magnetic Stimulation Therapy, which is a brain stimulation technique, is performed. In severe cases, the patient is hospitalized to eliminate the risk of suicide. Biological treatments can be applied to severely ill patients along with intensive psychotherapy. Brain stimulation techniques with drugs (TMS, Electroconvulsive Therapy-ECT) are among the procedures applied to these patients. Likewise, drugs can be given intravenously to severely ill patients.


Today, most people feel unhappy or happy from time to time during the day. This situation is quite normal due to the conditions in modern life. But if the state of extreme unhappiness continues for days and the person feels worthless, there is a problem here. Therefore, the person should receive treatment for depression. Depression is a serious problem that is common today. A treatment plan should also be made by a specialist doctor for a person diagnosed with depression.


Depression affects people’s daily life and reduces their motivation. In fact, the communication of depressed individuals with other people is negatively affected. This leads to other health problems. If depression is not treated, other health problems such as asthma, heart, diabetes and even cancer may occur in the person. Depression treatment is completely personal. Because the reasons that push each person to depression are quite different. A treatment that works for one person may not work for another.


Although depression is considered a mental illness, it can also be treated. 85% of people who are treated for depression respond positively to treatment. The symptoms of patients who respond positively to the treatment decrease over time and gradually return to normal. Before a diagnosis and treatment, a specialist should be consulted with a doctor. A blood test should also be done to confirm that the depression is not caused by a medical condition such as the thyroid. Family history, symptoms, and environmental factors should be considered in assessing the condition, making a diagnosis, and preparing a treatment plan.


Although antidepressants cause some positive changes in the first weeks in the treatment of depression, the real improvement is seen after two or three months. Depending on the patient’s mood, the dosage of the drug can be reduced or increased after a few weeks. Doctors recommend continuing to use the drug for a while, even if improvement is achieved.


Psychotherapy is widely used in the treatment of depression. Psychotherapy may take several weeks or longer, depending on the severity of the patient’s depression. Serious successes are achieved in 10-15 sessions.

Due to the conditions of modern life, we can all get depressed from time to time. But we should never forget that depression is a treatable condition.

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