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Disease of the Age Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fatigue can be defined as feeling sluggish and exhausted after doing daily chores. It is normal to be tired if physical activity is done above the capacity in daily life. But if the person says that he is tired without doing any activity during the day, there is a problem here. If there is fatigue without activity, this may be a symptom of some diseases. If there are no signs of illness and the person feels tired and exhausted without doing any activity, this situation is called chronic fatigue syndrome.


There can be more than one cause of chronic fatigue. The person’s diet, sleep time and stress are important in fatigue. Feeling tired all the time has some negative social and psychological conditions. People who feel tired all the time fall into the background in their social and business life. In this case, it negatively affects psychological health. If the person cannot do the things he could do before due to fatigue, he should definitely consult a doctor. In this way, the cause of fatigue will be investigated. In chronic fatigue syndrome, the person should feel this way for at least 6 months without any complaints of illness. On the other hand, daily activities cannot be performed because the person feels tired. In chronic fatigue syndrome, intense muscle pain, constant sleep or insomnia are felt. This condition is 4 times more common in women between the ages of 20 and 40 than in men.


In chronic fatigue syndrome, people feel tired and sluggish for 6 months without having a medical illness. The person becomes unable to perform his daily activities due to fatigue. This fatigue is accompanied by complaints such as muscle pain, brain swelling, joint pain, nail breakage, hair loss and depression.


Doctors run tests to identify people with chronic fatigue and to look for the cause of the fatigue. The purpose of these tests is to investigate whether there is a disease underlying fatigue. The patient’s history is also very important in the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, as in other diseases. In addition, sleep disorders and psychological disorders can cause chronic fatigue syndrome. Therefore, the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome should be given by a team including a psychiatrist.


The aim of treatment is to improve the symptoms caused by the disease. For this reason, appropriate exercises are given to the person. At the same time, psychological support is provided to the patient. The patient is encouraged to believe that he can recover by being encouraged at every stage of the treatment. Each treatment applied in chronic fatigue syndrome varies. Because every treatment is individual. Working and rest periods should also be carefully adjusted. It is very important that the working environment is well ventilated. Very hot or very cold environments create stress in people.

Being dehydrated disrupts the balance of the body. For this reason, 8 or 10 glasses of water should be drunk daily. Coffee and tea should be consumed sparingly. Regular exercise is important to prevent chronic fatigue syndrome. A 30-minute walk every day can keep you fit. In addition, exercises are very important for bone health. At the same time, you should do sports to provide clean oxygen to the body. Adequate and regular nutrition is very important for health. Necessary vitamins should be taken during the day and meals should be skipped. It is necessary to prefer rye, oat and whole grains instead of white refined grains.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, which is also called the disease of the age, can be eliminated with the help of special exercises and psychological support given to the person.


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